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By: Rambus - 5 December, 2019

I can remember there were times during the PM complex bull market before 2011 that sometimes the PM metals would rally but the PM stocks were very weak. Then there were times when the PM stock would rise while the PM metals moved very little. At the time of those occurrences it was bewildering as common sense suggested they should all move together and the stronger the metals moved so should the PM stocks. I don’t have a good answer for the bifurcation at times only that it can happen.

This first chart for tonight is the old ratio combo chart which has the Gold:XAU ratio on top with the XAU on the bottom. When the ratio is rising gold is outperforming the XAU. Going all the way back to 1996 you can see that gold outperformed the XAU in parabolic fashion until the top in January of 2016 which lasted about 20 years. When that 20 year parabolic arc gave way in early 2016 that broke the back of gold outperforming the XAU. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, CPA, Zeal Research - 29 November, 2019

The silver miners are finally enjoying higher prevailing silver prices, a great boon for this sector. Silver surged this past summer after gold’s first new bull-market highs in several years rekindled enthusiasm for precious metals. The long-neglected silver stocks rallied strongly with their metal. Their recently-reported Q3’19 results reveal whether those gains are justified, and how much fundamentals improved on higher silver.
Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, CPA, Zeal Research - 22 November, 2019

The mid-tier gold miners just reported their results for a phenomenal gold quarter. In Q3’19 this metal surged after its first bull-market breakout in years, driving much-higher prevailing prices. That should’ve led to soaring profits for these mid-tiers in the sweet spot for stock-price upside potential. Last quarter’s results are the most important this sector has seen in a long time, a key fundamental test for gold miners.

Four times a year publicly-traded companies release treasure troves of valuable information in the form of quarterly reports. Required by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, these 10-Qs and 10-Ks contain the best fundamental data available to traders. They dispel all the sentiment distortions inevitably surrounding prevailing stock-price levels, revealing corporations’ underlying hard fundamental realities. Full Story

By: Gary Christenson, The Deviant Investor - 21 November, 2019

Commercial and global central bankers are counterfeiting (legally). This benefits the financial and political elite. Don’t expect this nonsense to change.

Commercial bankers and central bankers create more digital dollars to “paper-over” their monetary mess.

Politicians seldom question how creating more debt will correct excessive debt problems.

And the game continues. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes, US Funds - 19 November, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Lima, Peru, attending the Mining & Investment Latin America Summit. I heard from a number of industry leaders that mining in South America has become more challenging in recent years. One of the biggest reasons why is that the burden for taking care of local communities has, in many cases, fallen on the miners’ shoulders. Venezuela’s corrupt socialist president Nicolas Maduro continues to destabilize and finance radicalism throughout the continent using revenue from narcotics, and mining companies often end up having to pay the price.

Chilean lawmakers, for instance, are considering a new tax on mining and mineral extraction to address the country’s social unrest I described earlier.

As you can imagine, this could discourage speculation in the junior mining area.. Full Story

By: Ed Steer - 18 November, 2019

The gold price was under quiet but extremely erratic selling pressure in Far East trading on the their Friday -- and the low tick of the day, such as it was, came around 9:15 a.m. in London. It crept quietly and unevenly higher until the 11 a.m. London close -- and at that juncture 'da boyz' in New York would not allow it to go any higher -- and it traded very unevenly sideways until the market closed at 5:00 p.m. EST.

The high and low ticks certainly aren't worth looking up.

Gold was closed on Friday afternoon in New York at $1,467.90 spot, down $3.30 on the day. Net volume was pretty quiet at just under 212,500 contracts -- and there was 39,500 contracts worth of roll-over/switch volume out of December and into future months. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Research - 15 November, 2019

The bottom line is gold majors generally did report outstanding results in Q3 on much-higher prevailing gold prices. Revenues and operating-cash-flow generation soared, but earnings were distorted by many large one-off items. Overall the major gold miners’ implied profitability based on the average gold price and their average all-in sustaining costs blasted higher, which portends far better fundamentals going forward.

But GDX continues to be weighed down by the largest gold miners, which are still seeing rapid production declines even after their insanely-expensive mega-mergers. That leaves smaller mid-tier gold miners with superior fundamentals far more attractive for future upside potential. As gold’s breaking-out secular bull continues powering higher on balance in coming years, the mid-tiers will enjoy the lion’s share of the gains. Full Story

By: Dave Kranzler, Mining Stock Journal - 7 November, 2019

Value Play - Fortuna Silver - (FSM, FVI.TO - US$3.07) - Most of the stocks I follow are micro-cap junior "venture capital" plays. However, I'll invest in a larger cap producing mining company if I believe the stock has been sold down irrationally to a price that offers superior upside risk/return potential.

Fortuna was founded in 2005 with a focus on acquiring precious metals projects in Latin America ("Fortuna" was Greek goddess of fortune). One of the co-founders and the current CEO, Jorge Ganoza, is from a Peruvian mining family. FSM currently has two low-cost mines in Peru and Mexico. In 2016 it acquired the Lindero gold project in Argentina, a large open pit, heap-leach gold project that should achieve commercial production in early 2020.
Full Story

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA - 4 November, 2019

In our most recent editorial we concluded by observing a few positives in the gold and silver stocks. W concluded with: “Their performance over the weeks ahead could give us an early hint as to how much longer the correction will last.”

Fast forward another week and a few positives has morphed into a handful of positives.

First let’s look at GDX... Full Story

By: Gold Resource Corporation - 30 October, 2019


$3.0 million net income, or $0.05 per share
$8.8 million cash and cash equivalents
$40.1 million net sales
$9.3 million mine gross profit
Record gold production of 11,165 ounces
477,297 silver ounces produced
$197 total cash cost per gold equivalent ounce sold, after by-product credits (OMU)
$520 total all-in sustaining cost per precious metal gold equivalent ounce sold (OMU)
$4.2 million gold and silver bullion
$20.6 million base metal by-product credits, or $1,888 per precious metal gold ounce sold (OMU)
$0.3 million dividend distributions, or $0.005 per share for quarter
Nevada Mining Unit’s Isabella Pearl mine reached commercial production levels in September
No ATM share sales since July 30, 2019

Full Story

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